Blue Zones and Functional Medicine?

What are Blue Zones?


Researchers have identified five regions across the world, known as the “Blue Zones“, with the greatest percentage of individuals 100 years of age or older, also known as centenarians. Through the review of epidemiological data, statistics, and birth certificates, Blue Zones are proven to have ten times as many centenarians compared to the United States, and the lifestyles of individuals living in these areas contribute significantly to their health, happiness, and longevity.


So, how does Functional Medicine relate to Blue Zones?


We’ve all heard about Blue Zones- those areas in the world where people are the healthiest and live the longest. But did you know that the very same approach we take in Functional Medicine addresses those things that add up to qualify a location as a Blue Zone? Think about it- the critical components of health that Functional Medicine practitioners focus on ALL play a role in health and longevity in Blue Zone populations. Consider that as you read the following article, and contact us today to discuss how Functional Medicine can improve YOUR health and longevity!


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