Functional Medicine and Care Packages.

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Our goal is to make functional medicine easily accessible to everyone.

At Health Partners LLC, we know how different needs can be for all individuals. That is why our providers have created a number of options to suit your individual preferences.

You may become a new patient through our "Traditional Model" or through a Care Package.

We are often asked, "Do you see patients for acute appointments or when they are sick?" The answer is yes!

We do offer acute appointments, usually same day, for our established patients.


Traditional Model

“Pay as You Go”
  • Pay for your care as you need it, on your terms
  • You pay for your appointments after every visit, as you need them.
  • This includes in-person, virtual, and by phone.
  • Your appointments are priced by time, so you can easily control the cost.
Who is it for?

The traditional model works well for patients who do not require regular or frequent visits or for new patients who want to “check us out” before making a commitment.


New Patient appointments for Functional Medicine evaluations are $295.*
An additional one-time $100 setup charge is due at the time you make your first appointment to cover the time your provider spends reviewing previous diagnostics/records, as well as time used to review the extensive new patient health questionnaire we ask you to complete prior to your first visit.

Follow-up appointments start at $90 for up to 30 minutes.
We charge in 15-minute intervals of $45 thereafter.

Diagnostic Labs

If you have health insurance coverage, we will work with you to order any indicated diagnostics through your insurance where possible. Note: Some diagnostics are not covered by insurance, and we will always communicate pricing and obtain your consent before ordering.

*Please note it is your responsibility to determine insurance coverage and any copays or diagnostic charges are your responsibility as coverage can be quite variable. Private pay diagnostic prices range from $10 to hundreds of dollars depending on individual recommendations. Please note that private pay pricing is communicated to the patient and diagnostics are never ordered without patient approval.

We recognize that health care can be expensive and promise to always try to find reasonably priced diagnostics and treatment.
Supplement purchases are not included in the appointment cost.

*(Bredesen Protocol New Patient appointment charge is $495)


Prepaid Provider Time

Prepay for your provider’s time at a reduced rate. Also, receive discounts on supplements!

Prepaying for provider time is a great option for established patients who want to ensure that their provider can be reached when they most need it. This option allows for frequent communication with your provider when you need more communication than a "quick email."

Provider time includes in-person appointments, virtual appointments, phone appointments, and email correspondence.