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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information and Education 


Gammacore Sapphire CV (COVID-19)

**Notice: Gammacore Sapphire CV treatment only available via perscription to patients of record**

GammaCore Sapphire CV

Non-invasive Covid-19 Respiratory Treatment Device 

The FDA has issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in July of 2020 authorizing the use of GammaCore Sapphire™ CV non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation (nVNS) at home or in a healthcare setting to acutely treat adult patients with known or suspected COVID-19 who are experiencing exacerbation of asthma-related dyspnea and reduced airflow, and for whom approved drug therapies are not tolerated or provide insufficient symptom relief.

This novel device works by stimulating the vagal nerve in a specific manner that results in opeing of the bronchial passages. Treatments are applied to the vagal nerve on the neck multiple times daily. Health Partners LLC is an authorized prescriber of this device to patients with known or suspected Covid experiencing respiratory symptoms meeting the above criteria. 

*Must be patient of record prior to prescription authorization.

For more information, contact Health Partners LLC or visit the link below:



How to use Gammacore Sapphire

Health Partners LLC is actively monitoring current information regarding situation regarding coronavirus (Covid-19) and the evolving guidance from government and health authorities, in keeping with our commitment to ensure the health and safety of all of our patients and staff. We believe it is important to address this situation by encouraging you also to monitor the situation locally as well as nationally. 

This page includes links to resources and updates we trust for legitimate medical information regarding the virus.
 We believe that addressing your own immune health from a Functional Medicine perspective is your first line of defense. 

Please be informed that our practice has instituted a viral policy due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Please see our viral policy below.

Health Partners LLC is offering telehealth and phone consult appointments from the convenience and safety of your home or office. We continue to see patients in-person on a case-by-case basis and for specific primary care needs. Contact our office to discuss your specific situation.

Supplement pick-ups are scheduled by appointment. If you need to pick up products, please call our office to pay by phone, and supplements will be delivered outside the office door for the safety of you and our staff.

Health Partners LLC Viral Policy

Anti-Viral and Immune Boosting Supplements available through Health Partners LLC

Our office carries a wide variety of preventative antimicrobials, anti-flu, and viral illness products that may be out of stock online:

Samples of products we carry include: High dose Black Elderberry Syrup and Gummies, Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol, Pulsatilla, Biocidin products, Probiotics, Medicinal Mushrooms, Vitamin C with Quercetin, High Dose Vitamin D, Zinc, immune boosting formulations, and more.

*Supplement "drive up pick-ups" are scheduled by appointment. If you need to pick up products, please call our office to pay by phone, and supplements will be delivered outside the office door for the safety of you and our staff. 
Note that there are limited stocks of certain supplements online due to high demand. Call our office if you cannot find something you are looking for, and to check what we have in stock.

You can also support our small business by ordering your supplements through our online dispensaries:

Fullscript Wellevate

*Note: Wellevate is by Practitioner invitation only. Contact us directly to sign up for an account (904) 373-0942









Videos from Health Partners LLC

Links for Government Information 

World Health Organization Information on Covid-19



Centers for Disease Control 
and Prevention
Information on Covid-19

How to Protect Your Health

Tips to protect your health today:

Don't touch your face. Wash your hands several times per day (every 20-30 minutes is a good start).

Stay home as much as you are able to. If you can work from home, work at home. Avoid having people in your home that do not live there, and don't visit other peoples homes right now.

If you must go out, practice social distancing. Wear gloves if you have them. If you do not have gloves, wash your hands with soap and water when you return home and properly sanitize your car interior and exterior where you touched, (think steering wheel, gear shift, handles, etc.) Also, sanitize door knobs, light switches, and other objects you may have touched on your arrival home.


 Sanitize your home regularly. High traffic areas and objects touched frequently. 

Any shipping boxes you receive in the mail can carry the virus on the surface. Consider leaving boxes outside for a couple days if the contents inside can take the heat of the day. If not, consider storing them in a mud room or a foyer for a few days before opening. Wear gloves when opening and discard boxes right after you are finished. 

Consider undressing and discarding of your clothes into the washing machine directly after coming home from work or after being out of your home.

Eat fresh fruit and vegetables to help increase zinc and vitamin C.


Consider discussing with your healthcare provider your diet and supplement needs. Vitamin D, Vitamin C, zinc, and probiotics are some essentials for proper immune function. *Discuss all supplements with your healthcare provider before taking.


Drink warm liquids. Herbal teas, warm broths and healthy soups. Drink plenty of water and avoid loading up on processed foods.

Keep exercising. Get outside when you can in non-crowded places to take walks and get fresh air.

Keep a positive attitude. Meditate, pray, listen to virtual sermons, practice gratitude and stay connected to your family and friends by phone and/or video. Attitude is everything!

Informative Article from Dr. Terry Wahls on Prevention of Contracting Covid-19

Education and News from our Scientific Community

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

This is a live map of Covid-19 cases updated in real time.

Vitamin D and Respiratory Health

Acupuncture and Immunity

”Preconditioning by acupuncture which means stimulation with acupuncture before the onset of diseases has been widely applied from ancient time to present clinical practice, proposing a potential field in preventing diseases.”


Study on Vitamin C and Immunity

Research Articles on Vitamin C

Intravenous vitamin C as adjunctive therapy for enterovirus/rhinovirus induced acute respiratory distress syndrome

Vitamin C and Infections

Vitamin C may reduce the duration of mechanical ventilation in critically ill patients: a meta-regression analysis

Potential interventions for novel coronavirus in China: A systematic review

Elderberry, NSAIDS, and Viral

While no extensive conclusive studies have been conducted with elderberry and Covid-19 (this virus is a novel, newly emerging virus and no studies have been conducted to date), there are multiple studies that show antiviral and immune building properties. Elderberry is not an approved treatment for Covid -19- note that NO supplements or nutraceuticals are ever “approved” to treat conditions due to the cost of clinical trials and the lack of economic benefit due to inability to patent results and control manufacture of nutraceuticals. Elderberry has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years as a natural remedy and immune building nutraceutical. The FDA is currently warning companies about false advertising due to the number of fraudulent products showing up in the market. I think all need to understand there are currently NO approved pharmaceutical treatments or vaccines against Covid-19, and as such people are turning to natural remedies to address. As with over the counter and prescription medications, nutraceuticals do have the potential to interact with medications, and are not without potential side effects. It is important that patients understand the risks of taking ANY medication or supplement, and that sources are safe.

Here are links to a few studies on elderberry and antiviral activity:










NSAIDS (like Ibuprofen) 

Yes. They do suppress immune response.
See articles below:








If you are concerned about the use of Elderberry, or other supplements and medications, please call and schedule an appointment through our office to discuss. We are happy to provide education. (904) 373-0942.

Words of Encouragement

Worshipping in groups may be cancelled for a lot of you, but it is still a very important time to stay in the word. 
Below are links to churches offering messages virtually! 
Now let us pray for one another during this season.

North Point Church: Atlanta, Georgia

Beach Church: Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Church of Eleven 22: Jacksonville, Florida

Verse of the Day with K-Love

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